My 5 Winter BEAUTY/SKIN essentials

1. My Back2Nature Tonics (Buy:

My friend Grace told me to try these and these are just incredible. The morning one is made with witch hazel which makes the skin clear from little stupid pimples that always show up in winter. The night one has Apple Cider Vinegar which helps with a million different things: age spots, pimples, wrinkles, etc etc. I’ve been using these for two weeks and I already can see a difference in my skin!

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2016 is GONE!

Ola friends!

So this is it… 2016 is gone. Sho, what a year! I am not going to talk about all the sh*t that happened in the world because we all know exactly what happened and I really don’t want to turn this into a negative post. (It starts with a T and ends with a P?)

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TACO NIGHT – Meatless Mondays


I’ve decided (and really really reaaaalllyyy want to stick to it) to do meatless Mondays. (Check out what it is here: ) I’ll be sharing some recipes with you guys here and on my YOUTUBE Channel. So if you keen to check it out subscribe (please thanks please!)

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The change.


Hope you are all very very well!

It’s Juneeeeee! And remember me saying I have a lot of news for you? Well, it’s time to reveal them. (Ps: I always feel judgemental about my English because I had a lot of people making mean comments about it in the past, but I decided to write a little bit more this time even like that.)

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Cheesy Banana Bread


It’s almost Valentines Day and that means… Yummiiiii delicious deserts! During this week I’ll be posting some recipes that can be made for a picnic or even just a romantic dinner in your balcony.

A while ago during my Pinterest search I found this recipe for a banana bread with a little twist! I feel in love with it the minute I saw it! Check it out & let me know!

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GHD Pink Blush Collection: A brand that cares!

Hey, everyone!

Recently I partnered with GHD for such an amazing cause! GHD made this campaign to contribute to the Pink Drive Organization. I love this organization because under their description they say:

‘Our Vision is to provide a free women’s health service to the medically uninsured in South Africa and to advocate for change in the cancer space – even if only 1 truck and 1 province at a time.’

Wow! What a beautiful vision. Breast cancer affects so many women, and so many don’t have the resources to get help. So get a new hairstyler, hairdryer or brush and help this amazing organization!

Buy it here:

Why buy GHD instaed of other hair product brands?

Well besides the fact that they are helping a beautiful cause, GHD is also around for so many years because of their quality. It can be quite expensive to buy but it’s an investment: It lasts you a couple of years & it treats your hair with care.

What GHD Products do I own?

I own a few GHD products but my newest edition is this beautiful Air Pink Blush Hairdryer and the pink blush paddle brush.