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#Africamps – Glamping in South Africa


Summer is here (YAY) and I don’t know about you but I love being out in the sun! So, to celebrate one of my good friends 30th we went to the mountains! Africamps is situated just off the N2 on a working Overberg farm about 20 km outside Swellendam. It is beautiful out there!

Bradyn and I drove at 9pm on Friday to make sure we would wake up in the serenity of the farm. It took us 3 hours from Sea Point with one or two pitch stops. Our friends were waiting for us with a cozy warmed bed (YES THEY HAVE ELECTRIC BLANKETS – It get’s chilly at night), and we sat in the most beautiful wooden balcony enjoying some G&T’s and a good laugh.

Saturday arrived… 7am and we woke up! The sun was already out and oh it was hot! Bikinis and bordies on, amazing breakfast eaten (My friend Suz literally makes the best food!) and it’s time to hit the river!8s4a6296 8s4a6307The river was amazing! AMAZING! We jumped, fished, laid on the lilos and rented the canoes they have available for R100 (half day). So much fun but be careful with your skin. (I got so burned – My fault though!). After showers and food we then headed to the put put field. (Just so you have an idea, my boyfriend represented SA in golf and he said this is the hardest put put field he ever played on!)  We ended the amazing day in the beautiful wooden balcony again where we ate the amazing tuna steak Claudio braaied.DCIM100GOPROGOPR0382.DCIM100GOPROGOPR0376.DCIM100GOPROGOPR0369.

Sunday was time to say goodbye.

Now, why do I think this place is incredible?

– Cheap!!! The tent we stayed on is R990 per night and it sleeps 5 people. Also, it has everything – AC, Kitchen, Super amazing bathrooms, rain spiders 😉

– Quiet & Beautiful: The location is incredible and well kept.

– Facilities: Pools, put put, bar with TV and pool table, river to fish and canoe and swim, etc etc etc – You will never be bored in this place!!!

– Near Cape Town: It’s far but it’s near if you know what I mean?! It’s a easy drive from Cape Town and it smells like holidays because it’s far enough.



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