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Sarah Silva


Save My Bag

Hi, guys!

I think that everyone needs some Italian style in their lives, either a dress or a beautiful bag like these!

I am in love… With bags!!!

If you buy a “Save My Bag” with the code: ASHORTGIRLSWORLD#1 you get 15% off!!! 

(Promo runs until the 26 of July)

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Hi guys,

Thursday! Wohooooo!

Well, as you know I am not a beauty blogger but, I decided to share with you guys my easy day to day skin care/hair care and makeup choices. I will be posting soon my traveling choices for all of this as well.

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Elan Schnider

App Designer

The thing I love most about being an app designer is having people interact with something that I designed.

Hi guys,

Hope you having a great week – Good news, Monday and Tuesday are done, and that means two things: WEEK-END! 🙂

If you like the design of my blog you need to read this post!

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