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Thursday! Wohooooo!

Well, as you know I am not a beauty blogger but, I decided to share with you guys my easy day to day skin care/hair care and makeup choices. I will be posting soon my traveling choices for all of this as well.

Anyways, I am what you call: The rusher! Yes, I gave myself a name – I mean, every morning I wake up and I say: 10 minutes to shower and 30 to get ready but every morning I actually end up spending 25 minutes in the shower, 5 minutes walking around and 10 minutes to get ready, so I had to come up with something simple and quick.

Here’s some of it:

I am going to start with my hair!

1. Heat Defense Styling Spray:

IMG_7516I love how affordable and good this spray is. I must be honest, this is the only product from TRESemme that I use. But I love it. I actually got the smaller bottle for a trial, but I am definitely upgrading it to the big bottle! I straight my hair every day and this spray gives it a shine and also protects it! So this guy takes an 8/10!

Next is my hair conditioner:

2. American Cream by LUSH:

IMG_7513My favorite thing about this hair conditioner is the smell! (UAU)

As I said previously, I straight my hair every day and that means I need a good conditioner, and this is just incredible because it keeps my hair smooth, smelling amazing and it doesn’t kill the volume in my hair! This guy takes a 9.5/10.

Ok, enough of hair! Let’s go to skin care.

3. Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream:

IMG_7509Ok, so I used to use Clarins as my skin care but unfortunately with all my budgeting for my travels I had to cut in a lot of things and I figured that maybe I could go to another cream of a good brand that would still take care of my face day to day, and that is when I found this face cream. I am a huge (HUGE) fan of Body shop for years and once again I am not disappointed! This cream is not oily, sticky and thick (The 3 things I most HATE in a cream) and it’s super affordable!

Besides all of that, it’s made with seaweed and deeply inside I am actually a fish, so it just makes sense! (HAHAHA)

She takes a 9/10

4. Ocean Salt, face and body scrub from LUSH:

IMG_7515Once again, LUSH. I am also a huge fan of them.. Amazing service, great products and NO ANIMAL TESTING. I mean, they are a perfect match for me. This is my face scrub. (For my body I do my own, soon to come in DIY). I scrub my face twice a week as a get a lot of black heads in my nose and the ocean salt together with the avocado butter just makes the click for me. Oh and once again, the amazing smell! This guy takes 9/10.

5. Face and Body Foundation by MAC:


So, for the first time in my life I started using foundation regularly. I didn’t want too because I always imagine foundation as this fake, thick, layer in my face but my friend took me to MAC and my life changed.

This foundation is so soft, light and natural on my skin. B doesn’t like makeup and he loves the way this foundation suits my skin. The great part about MAC is the great service! I am never disappointed!!! This is definitely a winter essential for me and he takes a 10/10 for sure!

6. Bronzer, Inglot:

IMG_7522    IMG_7523


Inglot is great! I love how they have this Reusable – Environmentally friendly packages. This bronzer matches my skin perfectly and gives it an extra shine – All with a natural look! I love it! I wish it was longer lasting. I give it an 8/10!

Now we go to my less favourite as I am so difficult with this: LIPS!

I am so ashamed to say I own one lipstick (Yes, one!) and it’s a crazy one that I probably use just once a month.

7. Satin Rebel by MAC:


As we all know, no brand beats the MAC lipsticks! They are incredible! I love how this colour matches my eyes! I give it a 9/10!

And to end, my everyday lip care:

8. EOS Lipbalm:


Well, these are my tips, I hope you enjoyed it! They are very simple to apply and it works very well with my skin. I must say it took me about 3 years to adapt to the air and the temperature and that’s why I have specific traveling products – But we will be chatting about that soon!

Wishing you guys a beautiful day!




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