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Bootlegger Cape Quarter


If you follow me on my social media platforms you know I am OBSESSED with Bootlegger Coffee and I probably spend about 43% of my time there! I normally go to the Sea Point or Bantry Bay one as it’s a two-minute walk from my house but recently I went to the Cape Quarter one to try something different. Here is my experience:

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Ps: Don’t forget.. I like my reviews short & sweet 🙂

FOOD: 3/5

Bootlegger has something called banana bread french toast, and if I was reviewing that I would give 9 out of 5! (Yes, that’s how much I love it!!!!) But I ate something different this time. I had a crumbed chicken burger that was absolutely delicious. Perfect size together with crispy fries. Perfect for a chilled lunch on a Friday. And then we also ordered a pulled pork pizza that unfortunately wasn’t my favorite. Maybe I am too greedy when it comes to pulled pork but I was expecting a lot more meat then the pizza had. Otherwise, it was delicious.




Everyone knows Bootlegger coffee is my absolutely favorite and I can drink it all day, every day! We also had a juice that was incredible.



WIFI: 1/5

The rating for this one is low because their wifi was off and everyone knows the Bootlegger coffee shops have the best WIFI. So I was a little bit disappointed.


Atmosphere & Decor: 4.5/5

Very very cool! You can sit outside and enjoy the sunny side of life or you can sit inside and work your a** off with no distractions.

It’s a very vibey place and very well decorated.


Service: 3/5

I don’t know if I am spoiled with the Sea Point Bootlegger (Because Nicole is the coolest sweetest waitress in the world) but here the service wasn’t great! At some point our waitress totally forgot us and the manager had to assume her position. I must say the manager was very very nice.

Overall it’s a very cool vibey place, affordable and has great coffee! You should definitely put in your TOP 10 coffee shops in Cape Town.


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Thank you Grace Charlotte for some of the photos & we using watches.

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  • Verrayne March 5, 2016 at 12:12 pm

    Cool review Sarah, straight and to the point.

    From the pictures It doesn’t look as if there was any pulled pork on that pizza! Will get a burger for my first visit.

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