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The thing I love most about being an app designer is having people interact with something that I designed.

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Elan is my roommate, one of my closest friends and definitely the youngest person I know achieving so many things. (Ps: I am a proud friend for sure!) He does many things, but currently he is a full-time app designer, so that’s what this interview is about. He also designed my blog, that I love and I hope you love as well!

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1. 8:30, the sun is shining.. What is the first thing you do? And as the stars come up, how do you wrap your day?

My mornings don’t generally follow a set routine, It all depends on how much sleep I’ve had the night before, which will depict whether I’ve slept through my 12 alarms or not haha! But if I manage to somehow get to bed at a reasonable hour of the evening, my mornings would start off with my wardrobe decision, and then followed by me getting into my car and driving to work. Most of my routine rituals all take place at work because I am usually late! Upon arrival at work, I grab a bowl of Corn Flakes and begin my email checking. I have some international clients who have different business hours to South Africa due to the time-zones, so I often enough wake up to a horde of emails which need attending to. This would generally depict how the rest of my work day goes.

When wrapping up my day, if I’m not chasing deadlines and working till the early hours of the morning, I like to go for evening runs. This helps me escape a bit from my digital life and clears my mind. It also helps me¬†stay healthy! I enjoy playing guitar before I head to bed as it helps me stay creatively stimulated, and allows me to unwind a bit. All of this is followed by a social media catch up before finally falling asleep.

2. What is the best part about your job?
I would say the best part of my job would be designing a product that has a personal interest of mine. It’s really awesome being able to work on an app that you would like to use, or that is pushing latest technologies and innovating the way forward. These kind of jobs is always really rewarding in self-satisfaction.

3. What is the worse part of your job?
The worst part of my job would probably having to deal with corporate clients, who all want to play creative. I’ve had countless creative decisions being over-ridden by a guy or girl in a suit, who likes what Company X have just released and says we should align with what they are doing. I think it’s in every creative field where the “money” unfortunately thinks that they know best, and they don’t end up allowing the educated decisions of the creative to flourish.

 4. If you want it to help someone wanting to be an app designer, what advice would you give?
My advice to someone who would want to enter this field would be to just start designing apps. haha. You can’t really get into the field without having something to your name in terms of a portfolio to show, so the way I got into it was by designing apps in my final year of high school for myself and for practise until I felt that I had a strong enough portfolio to get a job. From there you just need to work with as many teams/people as possible. The only way for you to grow is to see how everyone else is doing it, and then create your own way which works for you. The first step to innovation is imitation!

5. To end, why do you love being an app designer? And what made you get into it?

The thing I love most about being an app designer is having people interact with something that you designed. I’ve had the privilege of working on some rather large products which have seen the interaction of millions of users, and there is no bigger gratification than seeing something succeed because of the work you have put into it. Helping someone deliver an idea and send it out into the world is really why I love doing what I do. For me, it’s about making an impact and paving the way forward digitally, and being on that forefront of what is being innovated is really a treat.



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I hope you enjoyed my interview with Elan and if you have any request for ‘My day with’ please comment bellow.

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