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Hope you having a great week.

I’m sorry it took me so long to tell you about my experience, but here it is!

Once again, I want to force the idea that I am Portuguese and that will reflect on my writing. I try my best, though ūüôā

I did a Juice Cleanse for 3 days, with The Skinny Juice¬†CO (I AM SO IN LOVE!) and I was very positive when I started but I won’t lie… It wasn’t like that all time.

I choose The Skinny Juice Co because besides all the nutrient value on the Juices (See interview below) the flavors are incredible!!!

Before I tell you my day to day experience there are two things you need to know about me:

  • Before I did this Cleanse¬†I was consuming 7 coffees a day.
  • I am extremely in love with foods, and flavors, and actually going out to appreciate food.

I collected my box the day before I started. It was really nicely packed and the best thing for me was: All the juices had a number on the cap so I would never get confused! It also had a little ‘how to do’ book. The juices came all frozen and all you have to do is pop them in your freezer and take them out the night before to unfreeze.

PS: Don’t forget to keep them in the fridge after unfrozen though. You want them nice and fresh!!!!

DAY 1:

Day 1 was definitely the hardest one. I mean, it all started beautiful and easy (I wasn’t¬†even missing my coffee!), but then … 11 come and I still didn’t have the coffee so my little grumpy guy (You know, the one that lives in your head) started to talk and talk and didn’t leave me allllllll daaaaaaayyyyyyy.

It was really nice drinking the juices during the day, my energy levels were the same, but my big issue was the headaches and my grumpy personality.

Finally, I pet myself to sleep in the hope that a headache wouldn’t wake up with me.


DAY 2:

Good morning Sarah, good morning headache.

Besides the pain, I was fine. Not so hungry and ready to start the first juice after my lemon water.

Definitely feeling the need of a coffee.

By 2 pm, I started to crave solid food. I was writing a project on Pinterest and in the future, I would NOT recommend going on any food blogs (or Pinterest) when you are cleansing. It was torture! I grabbed my juice and forced myself to think about anything besides FOOD.

I actually had a very productive day and almost forgot about my headache. I think the lemon water helped a lot!

A Little notice: I was really homesick this day and had a little (HUGE) cry. I was quite surprised¬†to see that my tears didn’t taste like salt and my face didn’t blow like a balloon fish!

Forced me to sleep early. To much emotions on my plate.

DAY 3:

The headache was lighter and almost gone. Impressive what 8h of sleep can do!

My tummy was flat, and I wasn’t starving! My huge appetite was good! My skin was glowing and I felt lighter! I was feeling GOOD! The day went by quickly and I felt so good. My energy was okay, but I was ready to eat solid food (SUSHI) ¬†and definitely ready to give a visit to my Nespresso machine.



I felt so good after my juice cleanse. It was like a little wake-up call for my digestive system. I felt lighter and ready to start spring. I even decided I would be doing at least once a month a one day Juice Cleanse to restart my system.

I used Skinny Juice for my cleanse and I couldn’t have made a better decision.

My favourite flavour was definitely the:

Skinny Crumble – red apple/pear/sweet potato/cinnamon

I spend some time hearing they story, let’s hear them ūüôā

IMG_0035  IMG_0045


Hello, Cape Town! We are the Skinnys aka Caylin and Brett. We are a trendy young couple who have a love for juicing which soon turned into a hobby of making fresh, delicious, raw juice from home. As our creative juices continued to flow so did the birth of a fashionable, highly nourishing, raw juice company called The Skinny Juice Co.

We share the same passion for product, health, design and married it all together to offer a product that everyone could benefit from, a game changer to everyone fast paced life styles.

Why the name Skinny Juice?

The word ‚ÄúSkinny” is a play on the raw, sugar-free, preservative-free aspect of our juices. We loved the name as its¬†fun and quirky!¬†

What makes Skinny Juice special?

Firstly, we have a beautifully balanced range of juices and each flavor was researched in depth for its benefits. If you buy one of our Skinny’s you can read in the swing ticket how each flavor benefits your body. Each Skinny is designed to serve a specific purpose to your body. For e.g. our Skinny Burner also known as our Botox in a bottle was designed as a natural fat burner, meaning we grouped all the fat burning and skin purifying ingredients together and topped it off with cayenne pepper to give your metabolism that extra boost. We have 6 delicious flavors that each has their own unique gift.¬†

Secondly, we have just launched the very first raw cold pressed Skinny Lolly for summer. Now the whole family can enjoy a new way to juice and each flavor is still sugar, dairy, gluten and preservative free! 

Tell us more about that Lolly!!!

As mentioned above, we have introduced a new super fun way to juice and still give back to your body! Who would have thought summer lollies could be healthy and nutritious! You will be able to buy our lollies from our Juice Bar in Woodstock, on our website and at markets and event in Cape Town. 

Where can we find you?

We are in Masons Press, Woodstock. This is in Ravenscraig rd. You can also visit our website and shop online and we deliver to your door across SA! You can buy our freshly pressed 300ml Skinnys from selected Food Lovers Markets, Wellness Warehouse, and restaurants in and around Cape Town.

Tell us more about your cleanses.

If you are a juice fast virgin or a cleanse pro we want to make sure we set you up for 100% success. We know everyone’s body’s are all different and react in different ways so you can select the cleanse you prefer as you know your body the best.

Here at The Skinny Juice Co. we have worked hard to create 5 different juice cleanses to suit almost every lifestyle. Each cleanse program is designed to keep you going even when you are at your busiest. The Skinny Juice Co. delivers your juices frozen as this ensures you are drinking only the freshest, nutrient-dense pressed juice. 

Skinnys are there to replace all meals and snacks for the duration of your cleanse and in order to feel the full reward you need to cut out alcohol, caffeine and nicotine completely. This is all about ridding your body of toxin build up and feeding it only pure nutrients. Our Skinny Juices are numbered in the order you should drink it in. The first 3 days of any juice cleanse is the hardest but once you push through you will love the results. We deliver across South Africa.

Thank you Caylin for all your support before, through and after the Cleanse. The fact that you are always available for a question, laugh or hug made my Cleanse 100% better.

For the Skinny Juice I give:

Juices: 10/10

Customer Service: 10/10

I couldn’t be happier!

Book your Juice cleanse here: 



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