How to be more positive?

Lately I’ve been taking a lot of time of my day to think about life in general, but mostly about things that actually matter and I decided to share it with you.


My biggest question and the constant battle is: How to be more positive and that leads to: How to CHILL more. It’s funny to think, if I ask some of my best friends what are my best qualities they will always mention: You are so Positive – But when I look into myself or should I say: when I use to look into myself I always felt like sh*t. But with a little effort from my side and rad people around me, it’s been a (quite) smooth patch. I divided into 5 simple important points.

1. Be grateful. 

Yes, I work in a call center until 2 am, I deal with very angry rude people and I have to drive in the traffic almost every day. I really want to buy a Kitchen Aid, but I can’t afford it. I don’t have that beautiful clothes I saw and I really can’t afford it this month. – See how easy it is to be ungrateful? Well, give up this negativity sh*t and get into the positive zone. – I have a job! I have a beautiful amazing boyfriend, I have a car, I have really rad clothes. Once you start thinking about all these lovely things you have… Your life will flow much better. (I promise!)

2. Smile!

Sounds so easy that you almost think I am being silly, right?! But you know what!? It works! It relieves stress! (There are studies that prove me right!)

3. Ask yourself: Does this really matter?

Does this really matter Sarah? Really? – No, it doesn’t! At least most of the times… It really doesn’t!

4. Focus in solutions instead of problems. 

It’s easy to spend hours talking about how hard your weekend was… I mean your car broke down, your toilet is blocked and your phone charger got missing. But why take so much time of your day speaking about it? Instead, make a TO DO list with solutions for your problems and resolve it as quick as possible so you can get it over with. Sure, cry a little bit on it… But not to much!

5. Surround yourself with positive people. 

Try to spend time with smiley happy people that are ready to step into positive living. It will help you walking forward.


What are your points and advice to be a POSITIVE person? 

Photography: Bradyn Hopking



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