How to budget for travelling?


Hope everyone is having a great week so far! One week for my Europe holiday! So much to do and so little time!

The good thing is I did my homework for my budget a while ago! Here’s my tips for you! (Bare in mind that this works with me and with my lifestyle – Maybe is not adquate for you, but is perfect for me!)

Coming up with a realistic travel budget is an important part of planning your vacation!

Money, money, money!

When it comes to travelling you need to decide from the beginning on one simple thing:  Are you doing a Budget trip or a ‘Money is not a problem‘ trip?

Ok, so I am a budget traveler! I mean, I don’t prive myself of certain things.. But I will chooce what’s important and essential and what’s not!

I take steps when planning the trip.. From the ticket to the accommodation – But my biggest category is always the same: FOOD. (Foodie people issues!)



Find out how much you need, when you’re going and who you going with!

You need to start by asking yourself some questions like who you travelling with? where you going? How long will you be gone for? etc.. You need to find the answer and stick with it! If you not sure about it don’t panic… Get your mac and GOOGLE! After getting all the answers, reserach how much money you will need for this kind of trip. The easist way is to factor in the BIG expenses: Airfare , Travel insurence, accomodation, do you need a camara? etc. After that go to food and transport!

Make up your priorities and decide what you can or can’t have! (Ya, I also wanna have that spa package, but do I prefer the national history museum? Yes!)

Now that you have a general idea of how much more or less you need, it’s time to be SMART! Sometimes you won’t be able to afford stuff, and that is ok – Like for example: Instead of a hotel you get a hostel. Have you seen how cool hostels are now? They basicly a hotel.. But cheaper!!!


So, Friday night drinks are cool, but… How much do you need to save?

OK, now you have the general budget for your trip plus an idea of expenses for activities so – start SAVING! Friday night buy a bottle of wine and invite friends over, eat at home, don’t buy THAT PERFECT PAIR OF SHOES. When you’re in that plane it will be worth it! I promise!

Open a Savings account!

Go to your bank and ask them to open a savings account that just allows you to touch the money with a 30 day notice, that way you cannot use it to buy that fabulous shoes!

Toppings to be aware off:

Emergencies Happen!

Don’t forget currencies!

Have fun!!!!





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