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JARBAR: My favorite thing of 2017

You know when you find something that makes you so happy that you have to share it with the entire world? Well, that’s Jar Bar for me!

I work at home which can be a plus since I can cook but it’s also a down side because I miss ‘food time’ with all my work… You know? Freelancers life! So with my weekly delivery of Jar Bar, I can work my wedding deadlines without having to think about food! And, it’s healthy! No more junk food! YAY!

Jar Bar has options for all and for all seasons! Check their website here: and it’s so easy! You order it online, they deliver in these glass jars, you eat, wash them, keep them & they collect it! How amazing? No plastic pollution! Love it! Try it and let me know your thoughts.

Some of my favorite jars:

– Homemade Granola

– Tomato Basil Soup



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