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Latitude 33

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Hi, guys!

Latitude 33 is my idea of a perfect restaurant. They have great coffee, great food, great music/decoration and great service! I never ever left Latitude 33 feeling unsatisfied! Oh and did I mention Surf? Yes, Surf everywhere! (Even cute local surfers have they coffee at Lat33)


I always have a hard time choosing my food for lunch but when I go for breakfast my answer is always the same: Eggs Benedict and there is a reason why! I keep dragging B everywhere to find this dish all around Cape Town and I’ve been to almost all of them, and none, and I mean not even one, got close to being as good as Latitude33. (As you can see in the photo: PERFECTION) A Little note about this: Tuesday is Benedict day as you can get 2 for 1 in the morning!

Another winner in this place is the Burgers – My personal favourite: Mushroom Sauce – And they open for first Thursdays every month for dinner. Gareth the chef makes the meat to the perfect point!

The bill comes to what I call the ‘normal’ price, but luckily they belong to The Entertainer so we get to eat 2-1!


Wait, I am not done yet. When you finish eating you can run upstairs and either chill by the bin bags with a coffee and FAST WIFI or you can shop the most amazing clothing that Olivia and Charles find all around the world, but mainly in Australia!!!




Ps: They have a sale going on!




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