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OlĂĄ beautiful people!

Finally is Friday! I’ve been working night shift for 3 months now and my body is not coping very well 🙁 If you have any pieces of advice for me please leave it on the comments.

Starting a new lifestyle and a new diet is always hard, especially if you have a job like mine. Different shifts, no sleep, canteen food, etc etc etc.

The time that your body takes to adapt is normally long and painfully especially if you like me: SUGAR DEPENDENT, now proudly an EX Sugar Dependent.

Maybe this can help you a little…

Tuesday morning last week, my bell rang and there it was. A super sweet present from MoonBean products – little did I know: They came to save my life!

They send me a little taste of everything and here is what I have to say about it:



Vanilla Almond Macaroon:

SIMPLE and delicious.

The raw taste of almonds with the vanilla really goes well with a good coffee! I would also put these on the table if I have clients over for a meeting!


Cookies N’ Cream Macaroon:

I won’t lie. With the name Cookies and Cream, I expected something different.

That said, I still loved it!!!!


 Double Chocolate Macaroon:


I am in love with this flavor! The raw chocolate past together with coconut make this the healthier treat ever!



Mint Chip Ice cream Macaroon:

Ok, so this is a no-go for me. I am not a big fan of minty things I guess.

If you love Mint then go for this one for sure!!!


Cacao Super foods Grawnola:

Every day and all day. Together with full cream yogurt or even just a little snack with a yogi tea! Also a favorite for me!


Mango Macadamia Grawnola:

Ok, so on it’s one is not that delicious but if you buy some dried mango and some macadamias and you mixed all together in a plain banana yogurt smoothie bowl then you have a WINNER!


Hope you guys try it because it’s really amazing!!!

Here’s where you can get it:




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  • Marisa November 17, 2015 at 8:33 am

    Awesome post and feedback! Thanks so much for the great feature – we are also addicted to the chocolate macaroons!!!! 🙂

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