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I thoroughly enjoy the actual shoot and seeing my vision come to life.

Hi guys,

Paula and I decided to go to Bootleggers. Very nice coffee, but I heard you need to try their banana bread french toast!

One of my favorite interviews! My friend Paula is gorgeous inside and out and today she is here to give you tips and to tell you a little bit about her day to day.

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1. 8:30, the sun is shining.. What is the first thing you do? And as the stars come up, how do you wrap your day?

The first thing I do in the morning would definitely be to check my phone. I’ll wake up to a few messages from my boyfriend, friends, and maybe my mom (she sends out devotionals each morning, so sweet!). I’ll check out my emails, and then scroll through Instagram.

As it gets later, I’ll using check out my Facebook activity for the day and chat to some people via social media. If I’m out at an event, things will be totally different as I’ll usually just chill with the ladies and spend the time chatting away and snapping some pics.

I like to wrap up my day in bed, blogging, browsing the web, and sipping on a warm cuppa. Now that I’m actually putting these things in words, I sound like a total tech-geek (combined with a granny)! But hey, its part of what I do!

2. What is the best part about your job?

The best part? That’s a tough question. I thoroughly enjoy the actual shoot and seeing my vision come to life. I also really love seeing my readers and followers reactions to the work that I put out there, especially when women come back to me and tell me that they find me relatable.

3. What is the worse part of your job?

Hmm, sensitive question! I would say the worst part about being a blogger in South Africa is the lack of recognition from brands. Some companies would love to work with you, whereas others do not quite understand the power that bloggers have within our country.

4. If you want it to help someone wanting to be a fashion blogger, what advice would you give?

Some blogging tips would include:

a) Start your blog! Too often (Especially in SA) people are afraid to initiate their blog because they feel that there aren’t enough resources to have that ‘perfect’ blog. Let me tell you that when I started “Ms Paula Bee”, it was nowhere near how it looks today. It was a bright fuschia and black logo that had a music feature once you accessed the site. Classy, right? It sounds funny, but back then I was proud to call it MY blog.

b) Staying true to whom you are and what it is that you believe in. It’s very easy to stray away from those aspects if you’re constantly comparing yourself to other bloggers and trying to be more like them to “fit in”.

c) Try to always associate yourself with content that’s of high quality. This includes photos, content, videos etc.

d) Lastly, have fun! Be creative and always remember that it’s YOUR blog. Do what you want with it!


5. To end, why do you love being a fashion blogger? And what made you get into blogging?

I love being a fashion and beauty blogger because I get to showcase my passion! I love seeing others’ reactions to my outfits – whether it’s good or bad. Also, it’s so refreshing meeting others in the industry, who have a genuine passion for the same thing as you.

Hope you are inspired by Paula and her amazing blog!



Instagram: Mspaulabee


Thank you Paula!

Hope you all have a fantastic week!



Ps: Do you have any specific question to ask her? She has a twitter account! 🙂

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