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Yay! It’s my birthday! I mean.. Was my birthday!

I was spoiled as always, by all the people that I love.. My mom & sister are across the entire continent and still spoil me! I feel so lucky having these amazing people in my life. I got phone calls from all around the world!

Bradyn took me to Babylostoren & Butterfly World to spend the day around my favorite things.. Him, flowers, cute animals and we even had amazing coffee. Could I ask for a better person to share my life with?

Lame things apart, I feel blessed to have people around me that love me so much, family & friends that are incredible – So, I’ve decided to use my 24th year of life to be more grateful to everything in life.. Even the more simple things.

Photos: Sarah & Bradyn

His Clothes: Shirt h&m, shorts Cotton On, Shoes Nike.

Her Clothes: Top h&m, jeans Zara, sandals MR.Price, Bag Save my bag.

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