My Juice Cleanse

Olá guys,

Hope you had a rad weekend! If you in Cape Town I am 100% sure you enjoyed the sun on Saturday! How nice was it? 28 degrees! Uau! But anyways.. It’s Monday and we back to real life!

Today I won’t be able to join you in a cuppa because I started my Juice Cleanse (YAAAAAAAAY) Strangely enough I am SO EXCITED about these 3 challenging days. (I mean, the worse that can happen is killing someone because of my caffeine dependence right?!)

Ok, so after researching I found the PERFECT Juice Company:


The Skinny Juice Co

They are amazing! Caylin is so sweet and really knows how to blend nutrition and deliciousness together.

Besides the beautiful and yummy nicely packed juices, you still get a card informing you how to do it and the main reasons, you should be doing a juice cleanse. Especially before springtime.

So, I’ve decided to put together 10 Reasons why you should be doing a JUICE CLEANSE.

  1.  Floods your body with super nutrition.
  2. Reduces your appetite.
  3. Heals your cells.
  4. Rests your stomach.
  5. Restarts your energy button.

  6. Rests and repairs your Intestine.
  7. Rehydrate your body.

  8. Allow maximum detoxification.
  9. Straightens your Immune Sistem.
  10. You may even lose a little bit of weight (PLEASE DON’T DO IT, FOR THIS REASON, THOUGH)


On Thursday, I will share with you guys how it went. Can’t wait!

Wish me LUCK!



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  • Claire October 27, 2015 at 2:20 pm

    And??? What did you think of it? I want to start one this week for 7 days! Any suggestions? 🙂

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