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My night at the President Hotel


When I received the email inviting me to stay at the president hotel I literally jumped out of my chair! And I saw who also was invited (Gracie), and I jumped again! I was so happy!

We arrived and we were immediately received with big smiles and welcome words! They walked us to a surprise lunch from the lunch bar – (Delicious salads, wraps and sandwiches) and cocktails!

Lunch was amazing, but we didn’t know what was coming… They walked us up to this incredible double room suite, with amazing ocean views. We got to cheers with an amazing complimentary bubbly!

GC__6618 GC__6619 GC__6617 GC__6709 GC__6708 GC__6714 GC__6719 GC__6642

As much as we wanted to enjoy the room, the pool was calling! So we decided to spend the afternoon next to the pool while enjoying Pina Coladas! GC__6670 GC__6666 GC__6659 GC__6647 GC__6648

We have all these intolerances and requests when eating food (Puff bloggers), but the President Hotel just kept surprising us! We had the pleasure of meeting the amazing chef that made a sweet special menu just for us! (I felt like a little princess!)

GC__6814 GC__6832 GC__6835 GC__6840 GC__6850GC__6863 GC__6868 GC__6872 GC__6876 GC__6862

Now… It was time for my favorite part! The part where I get to starfish in a HUGE  BED! The bed is incredible!

The next morning I didn’t want to leave my bed but a huge buffet breakfast was waiting for us!

GC__6893 GC__6890GC__6912 GC__6910GC__6915 GC__6917Overall my experience was 8 out of 10! I was happy, felt super special and I am sure that if any of my family or friends come to Cape Town – I’ll send them there.

GC__6706 GC__6699 GC__6688 GC__6765 GC__6768

Photography: Grace, myself and Jonathan.

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