On our way to Europe…

Olá, amigos!

Yes, we heading Europe in less than a month! Here is my first post about travelling advice and tips!

Travelling handbag essentials! 

When travelling you need to take a big handbag with you! Lucky for me I have my SAVE THE BAG handbag that fits everything I need. Here is what I will be taking and I always take to travel well and in comfort:

Water Bottle:

Make sure you stay hydrated when you fly to prevent water retention and bloating.

Camera & Cellphone: 

Well, this one is for obvious reasons: My mother needs to know I’m alive all times!


I always travel with sandals so I can take them off and put my sleeping socks on. This way I am comfortable and warm (Have you been 12h in a plain with the AC on?! It’s horrible!)


Plane food is expensive and is high in sodium and full of carbs. You don’t want that! So grab some snacks at home or even at the airport, like nuts (not salted), biltong, etc.


Travel size bottles of face wash and face moisturiser, lip balm, toothpaste and toothbrush – makeup remover and makeup, deodorant and feminine wipes. Oh,  and don’t forget a clean pair of underwear to change before landing. (With these essentials you will be fresh after that 14h hour flight of yours!)


Make sure you pack some kind of entertainment.  (Even if you travel with BA!)

I also like to pack something very personal:

A travel diary:

I love this because I can write all my adventures to post in the blog later!

Hope this helps you and let me know if I’m missing something 🙂




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