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On Y Va – Online shop.

Hey guys,

It’s been a while, I know.. And I am sorry but it’s wedding season, so I am a bit CRAZY. I promise you will see more of me during winter. 🙂

About two weeks ago I found the most amazing online shop ever: On Y Va and I was so lucky to receive two items of her to review. And can I just say, I got stopped about 8 times already with: Where is that bag from? It’s so cute. 🙂 The bag is a perfect size and so versatile and the shoes are so comfortable and I mean, look at them: Gorgeous!

I was curious about the brand so I asked Penelope a few questions.


 1) Why the name ON Y VA?

I was lucky enough to live in France before and after university where I aupaired and studied.  I fell in love with all things French and while learning the language, it’s hard not come across this little French saying “on y va”.  It means “lets go” or “on our way”.  The French will say it as they leave the house or head off on an adventure.  It always stuck with me and I found it an appropriate name for a footwear company as our shoes take us wonderful places!

2) What do you use for inspiration when choosing your pieces?

I have always enjoyed forecasting potential trends, but as someone who appreciates timeless style over fast fashion, I focus on sourcing products that have a certain charm and elegance for a longer lasting appeal.  Inspiration strikes in many ways, but I find I’m most inspired by and drawn towards handcrafted, artisanal pieces that have stood the test of time.  For example, our first product was our Spanish avarcas which have been handcrafted in Menorca as an island tradition for decades and worn by the locals for their durable and cool qualities, while serving as a go-to sandal to those who love the enduring style.  Our handbags from Indonesia have also been beautifully handwoven by Balinese artisans for years using Ata grass for its moisture resistant and durable nature while boasting a quirkiness that has made them a must-have summer accessory.

3) What can we expect coming up?

We will be introducing a winter range of shoes and handbags in May so keep a look out on our social media pages for these!

So, head over to their website (here) and Shop shop shop. Or head over to my Instagram or Facebook for a surprise!


With love, Sarah xxx

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