GHD Pink Blush Collection: A brand that cares!

Hey, everyone!

Recently I partnered with GHD for such an amazing cause! GHD made this campaign to contribute to the Pink Drive Organization. I love this organization because under their description they say:

‘Our Vision is to provide a free women’s health service to the medically uninsured in South Africa and to advocate for change in the cancer space – even if only 1 truck and 1 province at a time.’

Wow! What a beautiful vision. Breast cancer affects so many women, and so many don’t have the resources to get help. So get a new hairstyler, hairdryer or brush and help this amazing organization!

Buy it here:

Why buy GHD instaed of other hair product brands?

Well besides the fact that they are helping a beautiful cause, GHD is also around for so many years because of their quality. It can be quite expensive to buy but it’s an investment: It lasts you a couple of years & it treats your hair with care.

What GHD Products do I own?

I own a few GHD products but my newest edition is this beautiful Air Pink Blush Hairdryer and the pink blush paddle brush.