How to budget for travelling?


Hope everyone is having a great week so far! One week for my Europe holiday! So much to do and so little time!

The good thing is I did my homework for my budget a while ago! Here’s my tips for you! (Bare in mind that this works with me and with my lifestyle – Maybe is not adquate for you, but is perfect for me!)

Coming up with a realistic travel budget is an important part of planning your vacation!

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My Juice Cleanse

Olá guys,

Hope you had a rad weekend! If you in Cape Town I am 100% sure you enjoyed the sun on Saturday! How nice was it? 28 degrees! Uau! But anyways.. It’s Monday and we back to real life!

Today I won’t be able to join you in a cuppa because I started my Juice Cleanse (YAAAAAAAAY) Strangely enough I am SO EXCITED about these 3 challenging days. (I mean, the worse that can happen is killing someone because of my caffeine dependence right?!)

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