Benefits of Green Tea

Hi, guys!

Ok, so for those who don’t know. Besides my number one love (COFFEE) I am also obsessed with tea, especially green tea. The good part about it is: Green Tea is really good for me.

Here are 10 Benefits of Green Tea:

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My favourite Instagram Accounts

Hello, people!

It’s Monday… So before you start reading this: GET A COFFEE!

Ok, I thought it would be cool to share with you guys my favorite Instagram accounts & I would love if you guys can comment bellow with your favorite ones.

When I sat down to write down this post, I was sure of 4 accounts but the other ones took some time. Finally after 3 hours I decided 15 accounts (10 South African and 5 International).

Hope you enjoy!!!

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Hey guys,

So, I have a soft spot for coffee as you guys may have kind of figured out and Shift couldn’t be excluded of my favourite spots in Cape Town. I have the honour in saying I was one of Luigi first costumers, and I never left!!! I went there a few days ago, check it out!

Really what makes Shift what it is, is our customers and their meandering Machinations.