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Quinoa Bowl


I am strangely obsessed with quinoa, so I decided to show you guys some of my favorite EASY recipes.

Ps: They are also low budget healthy recipes.

What do you need? (For 2 People)

1 cup of cooked quinoa

2 Chicken Breats

1 cup of cut and washed cherry tomatoes

1 cup of washed broccoli

1/2 can of whole corn

1/2 can of beans (Best with black beans!)

1 egg

half of 1 avocado

Feta cheese



How to do it?

Pan fry the chicken with some herbs, salt and garlic. Note to yourself: Don’t cook the chicken until is dry.

While the chicken is cooking, in another pan put together the tomatoes, broccoli, corn, and beans. With one teaspoon of coconut oil and more herbs just fry it for about 5/6 minutes. Then mix it with the cooked quinoa in a big bowl.

By now the chicken should be ready or almost ready. When is completely cooked, cut it into little pieces and add it to the mixed bowl.

See? It’s so easy.

To end, serve it in a smaller dish, fry, boil or scramble an egg and put it on top of your quinoa together with half of an avocado and feta cheese to your taste.




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