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Hey guys,

So, I have a soft spot for coffee as you guys may have kind of figured out and Shift couldn’t be excluded of my favourite spots in Cape Town. I have the honour in saying I was one of Luigi first costumers, and I never left!!! I went there a few days ago, check it out!

Really what makes Shift what it is, is our customers and their meandering Machinations.


Let’s start by their coffee! Ok, so besides all the normal coffee’s we know (Americano, Flat White, etc) Luigi came up with this different mixes: There’s the Hashtag, the Rebellion, the Bearded Junkie and the Italian Plumber. They all so delicious but I will definitely go with the Italian Plumber! (It makes me think of the DECOR that I love – The lamps are actually pipes!)


Luigi told us “Shift was named after the change in the life that my family and I experienced. In fact the entire business was birthed from that. it has a corporate identity in terms of shifting expectations, but its core is what I explained.”

He also adds: “Our community, we have such a wide demographic range that has all collided into a wonderfully joined group of eclectic individuals. Really what makes Shift what it is, is our customers and their meandering Machinations.”

Well, I always feel at home at shift, it actually reminds me a lot about New York. You can be/dress what you want inside Shift and always feel comfortable!

Also something interesting is that they use different beans every week  and Luigi explains that the reason way  they do this is because they want diversification of taste profiles to keep their customers engaged in the shop and in their products.


-Brazilian single origin (white wolf)

-Nicaragua single origin (articulate dwarf)

-El Salvador Single origin ( outcast)

-Brazilian/Ethiopian blend (house blend)

Shift is not only about the Coffee… Luigi brings us some unbelievable food and deserts! For a little more of R50, you can grab a delicious sandwich and a coffee. And if you feeling naughty, please try their cheesecake! (YES!)

GC__7080 GC__7095 GC__7115

Luigi always has different promotions going on, but this one is very special. Shift turned 1! (Congrats again!!!) and they are running their birthday promotion.

The first 30 customers to get 30 coffees, receives a free Rowdy limited edition, handcrafted leather laptop sleeve.

So this is it:Shift takes a 9/10 for a Coffeeshop because they check:

•Good service

•Good coffee

•AMAZING internet


GC__7092  GC__7087


Please do yourself a favor and go grab a cuppa here and please let me know what you think!!!!

(All photos by the talented Grace Charlotte –






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  • Judi July 24, 2015 at 7:14 am

    THE CHEESECAKE is THE BOMB.COM! Also the coffee.

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