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Torie Alexandra

Personal Fitness Trainer 

Now it’s a lifestyle, something that brings me happiness and joy everyday, and that’s the best.

Hi, guys

Hope you had a great weekend (Tequilend!) & I truly hope you have an FIT WEEK. Why a fit week? Because I’ve been training and eating kind of healthy the past two weeks and I feel GREAT!

My interview for this week is with my best friend Torie Alexandra that is my fitness trainer and my life influencer. She also launched her blog today, so let’s show her love!

Guys, I must say… This interview inspired me and I already know her for 3 years. So get ready to put your running shoes on soon!

Here is goes.

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Why Yoga?


As many of you know, I started my August Challenge with Yoga as well, and boy.. It’s amazing!

I would like to share with you the benefits of yoga and how it’s changing my life!

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August Challenge!

Hi guys,

Welcome, August & welcome Monday!

Starting today, the 3rd of August I’ll be joining a new challenge in my life. 

(Yes guys, I know the month starts on the 1st, but I had to say goodbye to meat with a lovely ‘Summer’ Braai!!!)

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