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The Entertainer #Entertainer2018

Ola friends! A new week and wow it’s December.

And with December, Christmas comes and that means Presents! The hustle of presents and how to find the perfect present for a good price, and etc etc. Well, ‘The Entertainer’ is the answer.

For me it’s the perfect present. Why?

It’s R395. You may think: That’s pricey Sarah.

Well sure, R400 bucks can be quite a lot for a gift but, you giving the most versatile and useful gift there is. So, in the end, it’s only R400 bucks. It’s honestly a never-ending gift. It lasts a whole year, and if they use every single offer they can save something ridiculous like 5 million rands. Not even kidding ladies and gents!

What is ‘The Entertainer’?

Well, it’s a book or app full of vouchers for restaurants, beauty salons, amusement parks, etc for 2 for 1. Yes, you heard me, two for one. That means when you take that special person out you only pay for one meal. Makes dates a lot easier in our days. #strullingphotographer Hahaha šŸ™‚ I mean Bradyn and I saved something like R10,000 this year by literally doing the same we did in 2016 but now we can actually afford to go to pricey restaurantsĀ and spas.

They have an offer so hurry up and buy it here. For R395 you get not only the main app but also the Cheers App & the more Africa.

Ps: You don’t even have to go to the crazy mall for this one. A win-win for all!


Yesterday night I went to their 2018 launch and wow I am so excited for the next year already! This year they have a new concept called: More Africa – It features more than 300 hotels, game reserves, dining andĀ leisure all across Africa. Which honestly makes me so so happy because I’ve been in South Africa for 5 years and haven’t done a safari yet. I mean… ridiculous! I’ve attached a few photos I took with my phone yesterday. (Excuse the quality of the image, my 5D is still getting repaired.)

Much love, Sarah – If you have any questions I am happy to reply! So please leave your comments bellow.

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