Torie Alexandra

Personal Fitness Trainer 

Now it’s a lifestyle, something that brings me happiness and joy everyday, and that’s the best.

Hi, guys

Hope you had a great weekend (Tequilend!) & I truly hope you have an FIT WEEK. Why a fit week? Because I’ve been training and eating kind of healthy the past two weeks and I feel GREAT!

My interview for this week is with my best friend Torie Alexandra that is my fitness trainer and my life influencer. She also launched her blog today, so let’s show her love!

Guys, I must say… This interview inspired me and I already know her for 3 years. So get ready to put your running shoes on soon!

Here is goes.

1. 8:30, the sun is shining.. What is the first thing you do? And as the stars come up, how do you wrap your day?

Well, first of all, I WISH it were 8:30 when I wake up Haha! But no, I wake up most days at 5:50 am before that beautiful sun comes up!


First thing I do is reach for my UGGs and pink fluffy robe and find my way in the dark to the coffee machine and make myself a delicious cuppa. I’m a bit coffee obsessed and gather coffees from all other the Western Cape, so I’m usually excited to try whatever new one I have! I then get ready and head to the gym and train my first client for the day!

As the stars come up, you can usually find me wrapped up in a big blanket on my couch with my husband, watching one of our favourite series, to wind down before heading to bed around 11:30-12ish.


2. What is the best part about your job?

The people, I LOVE the people I train, I really enjoy the personal aspect of being a trainer, sometimes you become a bit of a therapist with your clients and I take that very seriously. I love listening to people, feeling their trust in me and giving them the time of day. Sometimes training is about more than getting fit but really another way for people to get it all out, their stresses, worries, joy, everything and I love being there through it all.

 3. What is the worse part of your job?

When people don’t give themselves enough time to see results, or when people don’t change their diets and expect the gym to just fix everything right away. I wish I could make everyone sign a 3 month contract, because only then will they really see the benefits of all the work they are putting in and not get frustrated with themselves when they look at themselves day 5 and wonder why they aren’t a super model yet.


4. If you want it to help someone wanting to be a personal fitness trainer, what advice would you give?

Study and shadow other trainers. You have to be a people person I think to succeed at training. It isn’t just about having the knowledge but being able to apply that knowledge and realize that you are dealing with people, who have good days and bad days, ups and downs, just like you, so you have to be prepared to work with people and their emotions.


5. To end, why do you love being a Personal fitness trainer? And what made you get into it?

I love being a personal trainer because I love the feeling I get when I see how happy someone is with themselves when they improve, lift that heavier weight, go longer, harder, faster and become the person they secretly imagined they could be. It gives me joy to help people achieve their goals, it is such a rewarding job.

I got into personal training after a long love affair with the gym. I reached a point a year after moving to South Africa where I had gained a lot of weight and felt unhappy with who I had become. I was sluggish, uncomfortable in the heat, lazy and not taking charge of my life. This was when I decided enough was enough and joined the gym and became fascinated, taught myself everything and anything, was my own guinea pig for trying new techniques and styles and just fell in love very quickly. Soon I realised it was a place I was truly happy in so why not always be happy and make it my life.

Now it’s a lifestyle, something that brings me happiness and joy everyday, and that’s the best.


6. How can people contact you for work?

They can check out my new blog: which I will be updating often about everything from fitness & training, eating & recipes (good and bad), and general lifestyle topics.


IMG_2679 IMG_2536 IMG_2728

Thank you Torie for letting us get into your day to day and thank you for inspiring us in such a REAL way. We need more fitness influencers like you.

If you need a personal fitness trainer don’t hesitate in contacting her. She works in Sea Point – BUC Fitness Club:

Twitter: @TorieAlexandra

Facebook: Torie Alexandra

Snapchat: torie_alexandra

Instagram: Torie.Alexandra



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