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What’s IN my bag?


Hope everyone is having beautiful Thursday!

Anyways, I thought I would put together a ‘What’s in my bag’ post for Summer.

Ladies, if I am missing something, let me know 🙂

First of all, the bag I am using at the moment is: Save my BAG. It’s probably the most confortable bag I’ve ever had and it’s the perfect size. It’s also made of the same materiel as the wet suits so you can get it wet or dirty because it’s so easy to wash it. (Perfect for my trips!)


Ok, let’s see what’s inside:

1. Wallet

This wallet is from Parfois, Portugal. My mom gave it to me this summer and I love it. It’s green (my favorite color) and it’s little but somehow spacious.


2. Cellphone

Also very important, my iPhone 5s. Always with me!


3. Notebook/Diary

If you don’t know me, I am very distracted by pretty much everything, so this little book keeps me organized. Mine is from Typo and it has the old look going on: I LOVE IT.

4. Pen

I always have a pen (I’ve never bought one – I guess you can say I borrow them from people!)

5. Charger

Unfortunately my iPhone battery had better days. I always have to keep a charger near me.

6. Water Bottle

It’s summer children!


Now, inside my bag I always keep another bag: Make up BAG.

1. LipBalm

Always have this guy with me. This one is EOS that Bradyn got me in New York last year.

2. LipBalm with color

I also like to keep a little color around me. This one is from Benefit. I love it! Simple but it automatically gives me a sweet look!


3. Bronzer and the brush

I feel that through out the day my bronzer fades a lot, so I like to keep one next to me, just encase. At the moment I am using Inglot.

4. Hand sanitize

Unfortunately for health reasons I have to keep one around. Lately I get the flu so easily that I have to be super careful with air and germs pollution. This one is from Body Works, new York.



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