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Where to go on a safari near Cape Town? Aquila Safaris.

Hi guys!

Aquila safari invited me and a couple of other influencers to go experience the coolest 3 days. It was also the first time I saw elephants in ‘real life’ so you can imagine how stoked I was (and still am.)

We were treated to so many nice things, from a relaxing massage to an adventurous quad biking safari.

I decided to do a visual story for you. PS: There’s a comp running – Head over to my Instagram to know how.

First things, first: How do I get to Aquila?

Well, it’s only a two-hour drive from Cape Town and it’s a beautiful route. You can drive your own car or use their amazing shuttle.

What to expect?

Expect really amazing service from everyone and expect to not only see the animals but to learn about them. They saved a lot of the animals in the reserve and they are very very proud and protective of them. Really made me happy!

The safari experience?

Well, you can choose between 3 types of safaris:

  • Car
  • Horse Ride
  • Quadbike

Personally, my favourite was the quadbike because I found out that I LOVE RIDDING MOTORBIKES


– But seriously.


  • Two nights and three days is the perfect amount of time to stay at Aquila and be able to experience everything that the reserve has to offer.
  • Make sure to inquire about their spa. They offer amazing massages.
  • Pack layers as the temperature can get quite chilly in the early morning and on evening game drives.
  • Photographers will ideally want to pack a zoom lens for the best shots of wildlife.

Overall I loved it so much, they treated us to so many surprises. The food was incredible, probably the best buffet I’ve ever had to be honest. It was really awesome & they have a winter special. Click here.

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