Why Yoga?


As many of you know, I started my August Challenge with Yoga as well, and boy.. It’s amazing!

I would like to share with you the benefits of yoga and how it’s changing my life!

First of all, I am not only speaking about Yoga, in general but also about my Yoga spot: Yoga Life – I am loving every moment in this building. From the arrival to the departure.

Let’s start with BENEFITS OF YOGA: 


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1.  Improves the breathing.

This has been my best benefit. Yoga involves paying attention to your breath, which helps you relaxing and also helps you to give your 100% into the exercise.

2. Better Posture.

Since I arrived in SA my posture has been horrible (Maybe because I don’t have my mom shouting at me 24h to keep my back straight – Oh, I miss my mama!) and Yoga has improved it so much! Can’t wait to see how my spine is looking after 3 months.

3.  Less Stress.

I am, actually was, a ball of energy. The problem is 70% of it, is/was a bad energy called stress! I live with the SAD disease (Yes, it’s a stupid disease!) of anxiety and everything in my life has to more than it actually is. Luckily I found yoga, and yoga found me. I’ve been teaching my brain slowly to relax and breath before reacting and it has been great. Even my road rage has been much better!

4.  Yoga is for everyone!

I love this. I love that Yoga doesn’t discriminate, that yoga has all types of levels and that yoga doesn’t judge.  You do what you can on your own level and you know what? That is good enough!

5. Strength and flexibility training

I don’t remember the last time my hands could touch my feet and my head could touch my knees until Thursday! And I am stoked!

Also, my strength has improved. Once again, can’t wait to see what I can do on the end of the month!

6. My Confidence.

We work a lot on the navel centre which builds our willpower and confidence. Since I started yoga I have done so many things that I wasn’t even thinking I was capable of.

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 Now, why Yoga Life?

I was very happy when approach by Yoga Life because I’ve been there in the past and I loved it. I stopped exercising at all and that’s why I never went back to Yoga Life. I think all I needed was a little push. I got one, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

So benefits of Yoga Life? It’s in an amazing location, halfway from all the places. It’s affordable – You a student? Good… Even more affordable! It has every type of yoga you imagine and want! It gives you a week completely for free so you can see if you like it or not (You will love it though). It’s clean and it has all you need to shower, etc! Did you forget your mat and towel? No problem… You can rent some! They even sell beautiful yoga clothing! The only down part is that sometimes the classes are full but if you can join the 12:30 classes it has just the right amount of people.

My favourite teacher is Chantal Cohen so if you want my advice.. Go to her classes. Her voice is relaxing and activating at the same time.


I hope everyone has a beautiful week further and Namaste.

Photography: Grace Charlotte

Yoga Life: Yogalife


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