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MAURITIUS: In a different way


Hope everyone is happy and enjoying July! I’ve been quiet lately because I went all the way to Mauritius! (YAY) Bradyn and I spent a week in that beautiful island and I thought it would be nice to give you my point of view.

As you know, we are budget travelers and we also don’t enjoy the ‘commercial’ touristy things and well, Mauritius is an Island for tourists so trying to find new stuff was hard… But not impossible. We stayed in 3 different hotels, all in Flic en Flac.

 3 Facts about Mauritius:

– It’s expensive (Obvious reasons – Tourist Island & Import fees)

– Everyone is super friendly and nice.

– Mauritius is more than just a beautiful beach.



– 68% Indo-Mauritians

– Creoles (Quarter of population)


Food is very inspired by the Indian and the Chinese culinary.

3 Things you have to drink and eat in Mauritius? 
  1. Curry & Vanilla Tea
  2. Dim Sum & Coconut water (Out of the actual coconut!)
  3. Roti Chaud & Rum

Our favorite restaurant:


Mauritius is extremely safe and you can walk everywhere but I would definitely advise you to rent a car since things are far apart and taxis are EXTREMELY expensive.

What to do?

Mauritius is full of activities and beautiful things to do, so I will just share with you what we did.

Flic en Flac:

Flic en Flac has great street food, fresh coconuts, and a beautiful beach front. Be aware, though, it’s a coral beach and you need booties to get in the water.


Chamarel Waterfalls (Most beautiful place) and Sugar Cane fields

Blue Bay – For snorkeling (Very very cool! You can’t leave Mauritius without snorkeling)



Lux Belle Mare has the most beautiful beachfront full of aquatic adventures.

Port Louis:

The market. It’s full of smells, colors, sounds… It’s the most incredible place! Be prepared for a busy crowded place, but such a great experience.

image_0041 image_0030 image_0042 image_0031


Casela is a park with animals (mostly from South Africa). They are brilliant! The animals are treated with love, NO DRUGS, and you have a lot of activities.

image_0038 image_0027 image_0037 image_0025

You most probably will stay in a hotel on the beachfront, so take a day to drink cocktails and enjoy the calm and gorgeous ocean. 

In general, my biggest advice is that you explore more than what the resorts tell you too, and try to see the ‘real’ Mauritius. Meet locals, try new food and enjoy every minute of your trip!

Where did we stay? 

Anelia – 

Sugar Beach Hotel:

West Coast Views: 


Thank you to Bradyn for helping with these photos.

If you have any questions leave a comment bellow. 🙂



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